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Coffee Shower Bomb

Coffee Shower Bomb

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All of BeYoutiful Bath Bombs & More products are handmade with natural ingredients. Small batch production is how they keep the quality of their products consistent. The only machine they use is a Kitchen Aid mixer, everything else is all done by hand from start to finish.

Not a bath taker??? Don't you worry, we have shower bombs for you to enjoy! Place one on the bottom of your shower or on your soap dish or even on the side of the bath tub. You want the water to hit the shower bomb to release the aromatherapy oils. Enjoy the aromatherapy in your shower as well as a foot soak and even a body scrub. Each shower bomb is full of Epsom salts and sunflower oil which is great for your skin. Although this product makes a great body scrub or foot soak, we do not recommend bathing with shower bombs due to the fact that they are stronger in scent oil.

LaShaw Ranch Roasters Coffee

Made with authentic LaShaw Ranch Roasters coffee grounds! This delicious smelling coffee shower cake will leave you craving a go

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