Welcome to the family!

Located on a farm & ranch, we roast and serve the highest quality and best tasting coffee. We are truly an artisan roaster relying on 60 years of experience, proven recipes and strive to constantly be growing with the industry. From light to dark roasts, all of our coffee is hand packed from our roaster. With a steady balance between experience and constant education & research, we know the coffee that leaves our doors will be of the upmost quality and consistency.

At the end of the day, we just provide great country coffee.

  • How We Began

    Jeff & Amanda, met in 2005. After getting married in 2008, they had their first son, Joe. Jeff had a love for farming and in 2014 they bought their own farm, Jeff LaShaw Farms. With a passion for agriculture, Jeff began farming various crops & rearing cattle & chickens. He then expanded into making his own animal feed which is where the idea of owning a feed store began.

  • A Dream

    With a love for coffee, Amanda & Jeff's idea of a feed store began to expand into something more. Both having a huge fondness of their community, they knew their idea could also help support other small businesses around them. Together, the two of them built The Golden Gem Mercantile. In 2015 they opened their doors to the community as the one stop shop for feed & animal supplies, a coffee house, and local artisans.

  • The Next Chapter

    After 7 years of buying coffee from a local, small-batch roaster, the LaShaw's were given the opportunity to purchase the business. Bringing the roastery into fold, they were able to learn from the previous owner who had 60 years of experience as a roaster. They have transformed the roastery into a home away from home set on values of supporting local, giving back to the community, and staying true to your roots.

    Welcome to LaShaw Ranch Roasters.

  • Amanda

    Owner & Roaster

  • Jeff

    Owner & Roaster

  • Marley